Commercial and functional
urban planning surveys

Commercial and functional urban planning surveys2018-11-08T18:25:07+02:00

A well-functioning urban environment

Our experts have many years of experience in commercial surveys related to city plans and, more broadly, urban planning. Our task is often to work in close cooperation with those responsible for commercial activities and planning at municipalities, as well as with transportation planners and architects, with the aim of creating a well-functioning and economically successful city for its residents and businesses.

Below are some examples of the surveys we have conducted:

  • Service network survey for retailers at the district, municipal, sub-regional and regional level
  • Dimensioning of retail, services, office and residential provision in an area using demand-based calculations measuring additional needs
  • Evaluation of the commercial impacts of a local detailed plan or a project
  • Evaluation of the feasibility and profitability of a plan from the perspective of the land owner and the real estate developer
  • Commercial development and current state analysis of city centres
  • Comprehensive reviews and surveys of workplace and retail areas for the purpose of examining various development alternatives and identifying opportunities
  • Diverse commercial surveys and market analyses