Real estate and
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Real estate and project development2018-11-08T18:24:36+02:00

More profitable business and residential premises that stand the test of time

City centres, real estate, shopping centres and business premises need increasingly innovative and attractive ideas and more flexibility to adapt to the ever changing needs of their users. We work with our customers to increase the value of land areas, plots and existing buildings by refining and developing them with customer-driven means, so that the end result is a vibrant, economically justified and well-functioning solution for both the users and the owners of the real estate, without neglecting the environmental aspects.

Real estate and project development can be based on a new concept we have drawn up for a property or an entire area or a city centre, on a business plan, on changing the intended purpose of the premises or, for example, on repairing or even replacing existing buildings. As a result, we create new residential and commercial environments that serve the needs of their users and owners better than before. Improved usability will also be reflected in the owner’s rental cash flows and the real estate value.

Our experts have carried out several major real estate and project development projects across Finland. Our comprehensive understanding of city planning processes enables us to help our customers prepare and implement extensive and diverse area development and premises modification projects. Not satisfied with traditional solutions alone, we take a wider approach to project development and aim to include global trends and the influences and derivatives required in the transformation of society in the process. We are constantly thinking about how various processes and projects could be approached and executed differently and better than before.

Our services include:

  • Broader real estate development strategies and real-estate-specific development projects
  • Feasibility studies from the financial and production perspective
  • Project design management
  • Promoting the interests of the user and the developer in projects
  • Location and business premises analyses for companies
  • Search for plots
  • Search for business premises
  • Rent and investment calculations
  • Investment, financing, project, rental and management contracts
  • Procurement of funding and investors

We actively examine sites and plots that are suitable for real estate and project development, for which we develop new commercial and operational concepts and seek new users and owners.