Market analyses

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Data and expert opinions to support decisions

Different areas and properties are intrinsically bound to their location and environment. For this reason, it is important to examine the key factors affecting the market situation when developing new or existing properties. Our market analyses will help you reach conclusions about factors such as the future potential of a location, the dimensioning of various industries and the potential customer groups. Our market analyses also provide material that can be used for marketing and leasing, such as accessibility and catchment area maps that illustrate the statistics provided.

A market analysis provides the hard data needed to justify the commercial concept for the site that is under review. In existing sites the analysis starts with the current concept and proceeds to various development possibilities, whereas with new sites, the aim is to find commercially viable concept alternatives that suit the market conditions. Often the goal is to find a feasible concept for optimising business operations, rental income and the efficient use of space.

A market analysis and a survey of a potential concept are suitable background studies for developing not only commercial real estate like shopping centres, but also city districts and city centres, residential buildings and areas, hotels, offices and various types of hybrid sites.

A market analysis and related concept development may include the following:

  • Analysis of the location and accessibility of the site using location data
  • Commercial competitive situation and development projects
  • Definition of the catchment area in relation to competitors and diverse statistical analyses with themed maps
  • Analysis of purchasing power and an examination of how it could change in the future; dimensioning potential
  • Survey of rent levels in the area and of rental income per site
  • Commercial due diligence reviews (incl. definition of rent levels)
  • Analysis of the site’s current state, including key indicators for the tenants, assessment of the site’s attractiveness, functionality of the floor plan and transport connections, and development potential
  • Development potential in the concept, including alternative tenant compositions and rent levels as well as physical development possibilities