The REDI shopping centre in Kalasatama in Helsinki opens its doors this week


The REDI shopping and entertainment centre, built by the construction company SRV, will open its doors to customers on Thursday 20 September 2018.

The REDI complex contains the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the Helsinki city centre area and eight high-rise buildings. Work on this urban construction project, which is the largest in Finland, began in the spring of 2015 and is estimated to continue until 2023.

The REDI shopping centre, which is located next to the most densely populated area in Finland, will serve around 60,000 people living in its immediate vicinity, and its entire catchment area encompasses more than 500,000 residents, a third of the entire population of the Greater Helsinki area. REDI is situated at the intersection of three major transport arteries, and the metro stops 500 times a day at the station located on the third floor of the shopping centre. Several bus routes have stops on the third floor and on the ground floor. There are 45,000 employees working within a ten minute walk of the shopping centre.

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