Changes will be made to our Sello team in 2021


Matti Karlsson, Managing Director of the Sello shopping centre in Espoo, and Shopping Centre Manager Marjo Kankaanranta have been involved in the operations of Sello since its construction phase. They have been responsible for the commercial development of Sello, as well as the Sello property and brand, with their team. After this long and successful period, the managing director will change from the beginning of 2021.

Marjo Kankaanranta will serve as the managing director of Sello, a shopping centre managed by Realidea, from 1 January 2021. Matti Karlsson will become Senior Advisor, and will continue to be responsible for cooperation with the City of Espoo in future expansion and construction projects at Sello, among other duties.

In connection with this, Sanna Kouvalainen will become the shopping centre manager of Sello, and Maiju Pulju will become its marketing manager. Pinja Talikka will start as the new marketing and shopping centre coordinator. Olli Paunola will continue as the real estate manager, and Vesa Kivinen as the maintenance manager.

“I will continue to work in close cooperation with the management team and the owners of Sello: Keva, Elo and Ilmarinen. The Espoo City Planning Committee has approved the town plan proposal for the centre of Leppävaara for public display, including expansion plans for Sello. We want to contribute to the development of the area and provide local residents and our customers with a more diverse range of services in the future,” says Matti Karlsson.

For more information:

Marjo Kankaanranta,, tel. +358 50 511 4181

Matti Karlsson,, tel. +358 500 456 782