Excellent employee satisfaction at Realidea!


The employee experience is measured using the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which indicates employees’ willingness to recommend the company as an employer. In Realidea’s employee survey in 2021, the eNPS recommendation index was 89 on a scale from -100 to +100 (0–20 = good; 21–40 = very good; 40+ = excellent).

The employee survey was conducted in September. Our employees described the strengths of our workplace community as follows:

“This is such an amazing workplace!”

“We work together towards common goals.”

“Interesting projects, nice colleagues and high internal requirements for the quality of work.”

“The best aspect is that you can always ask for advice and bounce ideas off each other.”

“People are also interested in what others are doing, and not just their own work.”

“The way in which special life circumstances are genuinely taken into account deserves a special mention.”

“Interesting and varied tasks, teamwork, flexibility in working hours, team spirit, recreational activities.”

“Atmosphere, colleagues, employee benefits.”

“Transparency and trust.”

“Enthusiastic approach to work.”

“Nice place to work.”

“Our workplace community is open, friendly, easily approachable and professional.”

“Appreciation for colleagues, trust in people, a great team.”

“A small and agile organisation with a wide range of competencies.”

“Nearly half of the company’s history has been characterised by the pandemic, but we were never going to be discouraged by the coronavirus.”

“It would be difficult to find a better team.”

“Realidea has a top team.”

“We have an excellent team of people who are easy to get along with and work with. Let’s keep it this way!”

Realidea is created by its employees, so YES – we are definitely going to “keep it this way”! Satisfied and committed employees lay the foundation for our operations and success.