Largest climbing venue in Northern Europe to open in Konala in Helsinki – together with other new operators, KiipeilyAreena will enhance Ristikko shopping centre’s service offering


Finland’s first Olympic standard climbing centre will be opened in the Ristikko shopping centre in Konala, Helsinki, in autumn 2021. KiipeilyAreena will bring climbers and client streams interested in sports and leisure activities from far and wide. Several other new stores will also be opened this year in the Ristikko shopping centre, which has survived the coronavirus pandemic very well.

KiipeilyAreena, which was established by top Finnish climbers, will open its fourth and largest climbing arena in premises located on the third floor of the Ristikko shopping centre. A total of 3,000 square metres of climbing walls will be built, and the highest walls will be as high as 18 metres. There is capacity for more than 300,000 visitors per year. A major target group for the new centre is competition-level climbers, and the centre is expected to become a central training venue for junior climbers.

“We are impressed by KiipeilyAreena’s operations. Climbing is a growing sport and it is amazing that Ristikko can offer a place for top climbers, amateurs, children and those seeking new experiences to practice,” says Marjo Rosendahl, Shopping Centre Manager from Realidea Oy.

“We will create the Ristikko KiipeilyAreena into a completely new concept and a climbing venue that lives up to international standards. We have sought inspiration from around the world, and there is no other climbing centre of its kind Northern Europe. Climbing as a hobby is growing in popularity all the time, which is also indicated by the fact that the sport will be included, for the first time ever, in the Tokyo Olympics this year,” says Henrik Suihkonen, Managing Director of Kiipeilyvisio Oy.

The very high space that is suitable for KiipeilyAreena’s needs was originally the bottle store of the Hartwall soft drinks plant. The property, which has been a landmark in Konala since 1962, was completed in 2015.

Other new operators have also started at Ristikko. The Ebike Brothers specialist store for electric bikes opened in March. The Diana sewing shop and the Päivän Peili sliding door store opened in February. Ristikko’s store selection will soon be complemented with Nanoksi Finland, producer of hygienic coating solutions for, among others, the Dubai International Airport, and Zara Star Beauty Clinic hair and beauty salon.

Ristikko’s sales in January–April were up by as much as 8% year on year.

“Although the coronavirus pandemic meant it was a difficult year, we are very pleased with the Ristikko shopping centre’s positive development in terms of new leases and its sales performance. We strongly believe that, following the opening of KiipeilyAreena, new customer groups will start coming to the shopping centre,” says Ilmari Hämäläinen, Project Development Manager at Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy.

Ristikko is owned by Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Realidea Oy is Ristikko’s commercial manager.

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Henrik Suihkonen, CEO, Kiipeilyvisio Oy
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Marjo Rosendahl, Shopping Centre Manager of Ristikko, Realidea Oy
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Ilmari Hämäläinen, Project Development Manager, Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy
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