Realidea and Sitowise sign a partnership agreement


The partnership agreement was signed in June 2018. Realidea’s experience in real estate and project development and Sitowise’s competence in building, infrastructure and urban development complement each other excellently.

Together the two companies can offer services ranging from project development and city planning all the way to end-user acquisition and promoting the owners’ interests. Our companies have plenty of experience in successful projects throughout Finland.

“Together with Realidea, we’ll be able to take commercial feasibility and financial sustainability into consideration better than before at the different stages of the project cycle. This will allow us to achieve more sustainable solutions,” says Jenni Lautso, Director of the Environment and Urban Development Business Area at Sitowise.“Our partnership covers surveying and consultancy work, such as project management services, interaction and communications, and commercial surveys and assessments. Our cooperation also naturally emphasises the design tasks of the construction sector, urban planning and commercial and functional design.”

For more information, please contact: Pasi Nieminen, +358 40 560 4274,


In the picture from the left: Markus Väyrynen (Sitowise), Jenni Lautso (Sitowise), Hannu Lokka (Realidea), Jannis Mikkola (Sitowise) ja Pasi Nieminen (Realidea).