Liila shopping centre now remodelled and fully leased


The Liila shopping centre in Suomenoja, Espoo, has undergone a significant transformation over the past year. The project was completed in May when the Metropoli Kaluste furniture store opened its new store.

All of Liila’s commercial facilities have now been leased, and the eQ Commercial Properties Fund, which owns the shopping centre, has completed extensive operational and commercial changes in the centre. There are currently 20 specialist shops in Liila in line with the new concept, which focuses on interior design, furniture and leisure, as well as groceries and restaurants.

“We started planning the functional change and complete renovation of the centre around two years ago when we knew that the grocery store operating in the shopping centre at that time was relocating,” says Sirpa Lamminluoto, Property Development Manager at eQ Commercial Properties. “We chose Realidea as our partner, and their determined and active rental and development operations enabled us to create a completely new concept for the centre. All of the commercial facilities in the shopping centre have now been leased despite the fact that the times have not been favourable for leasing operations in particular. Liila’s visitor numbers and sales are growing substantially.”

GolfSky, Masku, Finnlandia, Kruunukaluste, Unikulma, Metropoli Kaluste and K-Market have all opened stores in Liila. At the same time, Hockey Base, Inaria, Noblessa Keittiöt, Rusta and equestrian equipment store Hööks, which were already operating in the shopping centre, have either expanded their operations or moved to new locations within the centre and renewed their store concepts. For Liila’s full range of services, visit:

“Major changes always require seamless cooperation between the developer, designers, owner and tenants. All these pieces fell into place during the renewal project, and Liila now has a new story and a refreshed life,” says Pasi Nieminen, CEO of Realidea. “In leasing operations, we were competing against the coronavirus pandemic for months. Fortunately, our tenants also believed, and continue to believe, in the future.”

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